Justin Martin & Ardalan Drop Two Wild Experimental House Tracks On ‘Yonder’ EP

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Two of Dirtybird’s most prized treasures have come together to release an EP that’s just dripping with bass. Justin Martin and Ardalan, two longtime members of the crew, dropped their Yonder EP today, and it’s sounding extra freaky.

This may be because the EP comes via Christian Martin’s (Justin’s older brother) own label, Trippy Ass Technologies, a label that’s known for pushing forward thinking, psychedelic tunes. That’s exactly what we’ve got here from Justin and Ardalan.

Both “Yonder” and “Hail Mary” are out of this world when it comes to house sound design. Very few producers step this far out of the box, and Justin Martin and Ardalan have done it in an extraordinary fashion.

Stream the brand new EP below and enjoy!

Justin Martin & Ardalan – Yonder EP