Justin Martin Shares 7-Minute Slowburning Breakbeat Journey, “Encourage”

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Justin Martin has just shared a brand new song via his own label, What To Do. This newest release is titled, “Encourage,” and it’s his fourth single to come from him in the past calendar year, following “Let’s,” “Eye of the Storm,” and “Woods.”

The former DIRTYBIRD mainstay is on a tear as of late, delivering a stream of wholesome bangers. This latest one extends his hot streak. “Encourage” is a slow burn of a track that focuses on a gorgeous harp melody, while riding the waves of a hard-hitting breakbeat rhythm. It takes a while for the sub-bass to kick in on this one, but the wait is well worth it.

J-Mart recently mentioned on Instagram that he’s been “hunkered down in the studio,” so stay tuned for more to come hopefully soon.

You can stream “Encourage,” by Justin Martin below. Enjoy!

Justin Martin – Encourage