Justin Martin Releases First Highly Anticipated Track “NEEDS” Off His New Record Label

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Justin Martin is infamous for sitting on unreleased tracks for years. Whether its due to building anticipation or through sample clearances, J-Mart knows how to keep his fans thirsty for new music.

Today is a monumental day for Justin Martin. Not only did he officially release one of his most highly-coveted tracks, “Needs,” which he was been playing out since 2016, but it’s the first track coming from his own, brand new label, What To Do. This new track has everything we love about J-Mart: beautiful, trippy melodies, ethereal vocals, and a filthy bass line that just won’t quit. That combination of sounds is Justin at his finest and we couldn’t be more thrilled that this track is finally out.

We also can’t wait to see what he’ll do with his new label. As a founding member and a mainstay of DIRTYBIRD, we’re curious to see how much music he’ll continue to release on the label, which turns 15 years old this year.

Stream the brand new single from Justin Martin below and enjoy!

Justin Martin – Needs