K?D and Wolfgang Gartner Join Forces On Dark New Electro-House Single “Banshee”


It’s always inspiring to see two incredibly powerful artists join forces on a collab, and even more so when those artists come from completely different schools of thought – as is the case with K?D and Wolfgang Gartner. But even considering their musical differences, today the unlikely duo have put their heads together to cook up an awesome new single titled “Banshee”.

Although K?D is still relatively new to the electronic music scene while Wolfgang Gartner has been an absolute powerhouse of a producer for over a decade, to see them join forces on this latest offering is not only a testament to the timelessness of house music, but also shows their respect for each others production abilities. Starting off slow with a warbling e-piano melody and stabbing synths, some ominous choral harmonies and skittering percussion throw the track into a powerful drop filled with shrill, orchestral instrumentation, deep distorted bass and a masterful mix of both K?D and Wolfgang Gartner’s distinctive sound design all tied together by a pulsing 4/4 kick. Check out “Banshee” below and enjoy!

K?D & Wolfgang Gartner – Banshee