Kailee Morgue Soars On Incredible Indie-Pop EP ‘Here In Your Bedroom’

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One of our fastest growing vocal talents, Kailee Morgue, has just taken another big step in her meteoric rise to Indie-pop stardom with the release of her new EP, Here In Your Bedroom.

This EP is a an awesome showcase of Kailee’s exceedingly diverse range and influences. Some tracks like the deceptively dark yet tranquil “Tied Up” demonstrate her gentle touch, while others like the vivacious self-assured “This Is Why I’m Hot” are high-energy odes to her punk-rock inspirations. Dying to Live” will even have you dancing around like a feel good 80’s home dance montage.

Kailee has truly come into her own on the latest project and we’re so excited to see it happen before our very eyes. She has quite a career ahead of her, and we’ll be here to cover it every step of the way. Stream Kailee Morgue’s new EP, Here In Your Bedroom, below. Enjoy!

Kailee Morgue – ‘Here In Your Bedroom’