Kanye defends public fight with Jimmy Kimmel on his show and gives incredible interview [FULL VIDEO INTERVIEW]


The recent controversy between Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel was squashed last evening as Kanye made a special lengthy appearance on Jimmy's show last night. He dives into very real subjects, going in depth explaining some of the outrageous statements that derived from his must see multiple hour interview with Zane Lowe at BBC in the UK, that saw lots of media backlash. The site has always been pretty supportive for Kanye regardless of some of the things he's done in public, and this interview I truly feel more then any other piece of media around Kanye will let you see him in a far more understanding light. In the sea of rappers and generally most musicians, Kanye is actually trying to change the standards of so many things. Besides music and fashion Kanye strives to push the idea of being creative, and believing in yourself in such a unique way that hopefully you can understand a little bit more after this interview. Watch the full 6 part interview below. Think Kanye was outrageous? Or still is just as wild? Comment below.

Full Interview here via World Star Hip Hop

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