Kanye’s Sunday Service Comes Under Fire For Serving FYRE Festival Quality Catering

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Everyone loves to hate on Kanye. Last Friday, the larger-than-life rapper threw his anticipated Sunday Service Brunch and came under fire for serving up $55 meals that many thought could only be rivaled by what was offered at the infamous FYRE Festival.

kanye meal

A picture depicting a less than appetizing Sunday brunch meal went viral over the weekend with Kanye receiving the brunt of the blame for his events catering. Although the Chicago legend made well on his philanthropic mission, receiving no payment for his performance at the annual fundraising event for Bethany Church in Baton Rogue (even covering travel costs for his choir), his catering service seemed to be a bit out of the loop – charging $55 per-plate for pancakes, sausage and a few slices of bacon.

kanye brunch 2

Photo Credit: Twitter user @mccauley713

Although the catering company has now taken responsibility, saying they “acknowledge it did not provide adequate food for ONE attendee and a social media post went viral,” and that “Kanye West and the Sunday Service collective should be disassociated with such claims surrounding the food at the event,” the damage from the viral pic seems to have already been done. See the post below and enjoy!

Lmao. I don’t know what kind of spell Kanye has on you guys. Hopefully you guys snap out of it one day #Brunchella pic.twitter.com/Za4TouRJAE

— 3rd Coast Sports Head 🇳🇬🇧🇯 (@mccauley713) November 2, 2019