Kanye West Announces Second Album Release In 2016 & Teases New Song


Kanye West proves once again why he’s become the most talked about person in pop culture today. His album, The Life Of Pablo, dominated headlines across media outlets and everyday conversation since the beginning of 2016 as we witnessed probably the most fascinating, and downright outrageous, album release to ever take place. 

Kanye has keep the momentum going strong since delivering a placeholder version of TLOP on problematic streaming platform TIDAL. Using Twitter as his preferred medium, Kanye has gone a full fledged, seemingly endless spectacle to prove his relevance by claiming he’s more influential than Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Pablo Escobar, and Stanley Kubrick x 1000 while calling attention to a number of charged subject matters. 

Musically, 'Ye has stated that TLOP is far from a finished product with many unreleased edits of collaborations surfacing over the last few weeks. Today, in a power move that very few artists couldn't pull off, Yeezy announced the delivery of another album scheduled for the summer of 2016! The feat in itself is shocking and has the internet / music community / fans / haters going wild with speculation of back to back studio releases in such a short period of time. 

New album coming this summer

— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) February 24, 2016


Just last night Kanye debuted a new track live with an unconfirmed title of “Closest Thing To Einstein” featuring vocalist Sampha, who is most known for his work with experimental producer SBTRKT. The subject matter brings some of his more personal lyrics to date as he touches on recent comments about his finances among other sensitive topics. Could this melodic creation make the forthcoming album? Is Kanye just selling us a bag of beans? Who knows and quite frankly, who cares. We will just have to wait and see how this all unfolds, but stream the new track below and check back with more information as it becomes available. Enjoy