Kanye West Concedes The 2020 Presidential Election

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In a race where it seems like no candidate would concede until the bitter end, one has officially thrown in the towel. Kanye West has officially announced his concession from the 2020 election early Wednesday morning.

Kanye did not receive any electoral college votes during the election. He did, however, receive over 60,000 total votes in the 12 states in which he appeared on the ballot. With Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s current vote tallies boh in the mid-60 millions, that puts Kanye’s totals at less than 0.1% of the vote.

In a post on Twitter, Kanye West shared that he plans to run again in 2024.

KANYE 2024 pic.twitter.com/Zm2pKcn12t

— ye (@kanyewest) November 4, 2020