Kanye West Breaks Silence With First Interview Since Mental Breakdown


Kanye West had a highly publicized mental breakdown in the fall of 2016 and has finally broken his silence with his first interview since that hard time for the iconic artist. One thing that immediately stood out about this interview… is that Kanye is very insightful. The interview was conducted by Kanye’s close friend Charlemagne Tha God.

There’s some interviews from the past that were famous for Kanye losing his cool and going wild on Sway, which is entertaining and all, but it’s really great to see Kanye in such a great mental space. He said he likes to call the mental breakdown his mental breakthrough and said it was caused by fear, stress and being controlled “like being a pawn in a chess game of life.”

When asked about his silence for the past year plus, he replied “I didn’t have a lot to say, I had a lot to learn… I felt the need to speak at this point.” Through the interview he speaks on his experience while touring, his wife Kim K getting robbed, his mental breakthroughs, his relationship with Jay Z, his fashion aspirations and difficulties in that world and much more. He even takes Charlamagne through a field where Kanye bought over 300 acres of land to build his own community and even said "we gonna develop cities". Check out the full interview below and enjoy!