Kartell Delivers Stellar Debut Album ‘EVERYTHING IS HERE’


French DJ and producer, Kartell, consistently delivers notably artistic, highly impressive tunes. He now begins a new era of growth in his career, releasing his debut album, EVERYTHING IS HERE, via Roche Musique.

Offering a friendly reminder that EVERYTHING WE NEED IS HERE, Kartell looks on the bright side of things, embodying a positive energy throughout the album. Perfectly stylized guitar riffs, spacious indie-style drums, and beds of reverberated chords give the album a peaceful undertone that we absolutely couldn’t get enough of. Kartell focuses on the simplest pieces of his production, perfecting them to a tee, and forgoing the complex fx that often unnecessarily cloud the pure essence of an album.

Kartell commented on the process behind writing the album, sharing:

This album began with me asking myself, ‘OK, how did I fall in love with music in the first place?’ I started to visualize childhood memories of me listening to music in the summer and wanted to create something that worked in that scene and landscape.

You can stream EVERYTHING IS HERE at the link below, via Roche Musique. Enjoy!