Kasbo Releases Must Hear Atmospheric Single “Snow In Gothenburg” Via Foreign Family


Kasbo can do no wrong. The Young Swedish artist seemingly doesn’t have the capability to release anything less than incredible and put this on display once again with his extra chill new indie electronic single “Snow In Gothenburg” out via ODESZA's Foreign Family Collective. 

Really happy to share my new song Snow in Gothenburg with you. I've been listening to a lot of melancholic house driven music lately and most of my productions this past year have been widely inspired by that. Snow In Gothenburg is where I take this concept to its fullest. It came out as one of my most atmospheric and personal tracks I've made. Super excited that you finally get to hear it.

The song itself about loneliness and isolation, and the freedom of coming to terms with those feelings. Seeing the beauty of realizing that everyone has their own ways to go in life and that not everyone is supposed to have someone.

2017 has been such a fun year and can't wait for 2018. I'm dropping so so much new music so make sure to stay updated! – Kasbo

Kasbo recently delivered an amazing remix of Jai Wolf’s hit “Indian Summer” in addition to his next level original track “Bleed It Out” as he continues his nonstop output of impressive releases. He just wrapped up tour with ODESZA and celebrates by unleashing a gem of a track on their label.

There’s something about Kasbo’s music that just oozes emotion. “Snow In Gothenburg” has a sort of nostalgia about it that captures Kasbo's ability to craft songs with a magical sense to them. Kasbo effortlessly combines lush textures and soundscapes with gentle melodies and impressive sound design that sounds like it’s straight out of a dream. The new single comes along with a visualizer bringing the mystical song to life through everyday imagery shot in an artistic way. Enjoy!

Kasbo – Snow In Gothenburg

Photo credit: Jack McKain