Kasbo Exudes Positivity on Third Studio Album ‘The Learning of Urgency’

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Making a statement against the “rise and grind” mentality of modern-day work culture, Kasbo‘s third studio album, The Learning of Urgency, exudes positivity and embodies a sense of reawakening. After the Swedish artist suffered stress-affiliated hearing loss that almost prematurely ended his career, he knew it was time for a change – and from that change, The Learning of Urgency was born.

Serene and captivating, there is not one second of The Learning of Urgency that left us bored. Early on in his career, Kasbo made his ability to create miraculously peaceful soundscapes well known. He doesn’t hold anything back on the LP, showcasing some of his most impressively arranged productions to date. Songs like “Drift” display his ability to excel in minimalistic arrangements, while “Migration” demonstrates his knack for seamless genre fusion.

Kasbo shared his thoughts on the release, commenting:

To me, there’s this direct relation to being on a stormy ocean surface, trying desperately to keep your head above water. Whereas the world beneath the surface represented this stillness where you allowed yourself to move at a slower pace and appreciate the beauty of things around you.

You can stream The Learning of Urgency at the link below, out everywhere via Foreign Family Collective. Enjoy!

Kasbo – The Learning of Urgency