Kasbo Returns From 3-Year Hiatus With Mesmerizing Single “The Way You Had Me”

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Kasbo has secured his rightful place amongst electronic music’s best with his transformative, emotional sound. The Swedish phenom earned his way into ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective back in 2015 with his breakout single “World Away” and has since released two studio albums under the imprint. After taking a three year hiatus, Kasbo is finally ready to return with his brand-new single “The Way You Had Me.”

As with so many artists, months of isolation took a toll on him personally and creatively while ultimately fueling his new musical direction. “The Way You Had Me” maintains that emotive sound we’ve come to recognize from Kasbo but feels optimistic in a new and uplifting way. Spine-tingling melodies are heard via guitar licks and enchanting vocals while Kasbo lays the groundwork for a mesmerizing dance-fueled ballad.

Here’s what Kasbo had to say about the new record,

“‘The Way You Had Me’ marked a major turning point for me creatively. I’d been struggling for months, if not years, to rediscover my place in the new and quickly changing electronic music landscape. This song felt like the beginning of me realizing that direction – covering new ground while still creating something that felt true to myself. The song itself is about a past relationship and coming to terms with a partner moving on. That period when you’re wondering if they’re just distracting themselves or if they’ve truly moved on, and questioning how what you had could be real if it could be forgotten so quickly… I’m so happy to finally be releasing music again and can’t wait to continue sharing this new era of inspiration with everyone.”

We’re stoked to hear that Kasbo feels re-inspired and can’t wait to hear what else he’s been cooking up. You can stream “The Way You Had Me” below. Enjoy!

Kasbo – The Way You Had Me