Kaskade Unveils First New Single “Love Like That” Off Upcoming ‘Redux 004’ EP

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Get ready for another Redux project from the one and only Kaskade! Today the EDM legend dropped the first single off his forthcoming Redux 004 EP. The tune is called “Love Like That,” and it’s a deep, moody, house ballad. Kaskade makes brilliant use of an infectious piano melody alongside Dani Poppitt‘s smokey vocals and an irresistible shuffle.

Kaskade has very specific plan for the release of Redux 004, which he’s curated specifically for the Redux tour he is about to embark on:

“Redux started out as an intention for people to experience big sound in a small environment. It’s not an era of music but a prescription of mood. If you’re closing your eyes and your phone hasn’t crossed your mind, you’re doing it right. Stripped down from the sense assault we’ve all become accustomed to, Redux relies on the sound and basic, well-curated lighting to impact its audience. The concept has been able to stretch, breathe and grow, and with every show I learn a little bit more about what it can be. With Redux 004 I’ve created an EP that is designed for each city I’m playing. The music should cross boundaries. It’s not an East or West Coast sound, it’s specific to each audience. There will be 4 songs, there are 4 cities on the tour, and the EP will be released in full on 04.04″

The cities that he’s hitting during the tour are Miami, San Diego, Santa Fe (Meow Wolf), and New York City. We love the idea of tailoring each track on the project to specific place. This first single definitely feels like a Miami vibe to us, and that is in fact the first city he’s hitting. In typical Kaskade fashion, all four of these shows are sold out, but if you can find a way to get into one of them, we highly recommend it.

Listen to the new Kaskade single, “Love Like That,” via Arkade below and enjoy!

Kaskade – Love Like That