Kaskade Delivers Sublime New Deep House Tune “When I’m With You”

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With a career spanning about two decades, Kaskade is one of the most tried and true artists in the world of EDM. The American producer has been behind crowd jumping anthems, shuffle ready grooves, heartfelt belters, and much more, all while continuing to explore new and evolving sounds. Today, he adds another track to his massive repertoire, a sedated melodic house tune titled, “When I’m With You” featuring vocalist, Colette.

The 4×4 staple gets this track rolling but the buoyant synths soon take control. As we begin floating ever higher atop the reverberating bells, we’re embraced by Colette’s heavenly vocals. As each piece builds on the last, the heartbeat drum kit that began our journey resumes control and we’re gently whisked off into bliss.

Let me tell ya, I feel about 200 lbs lighter after listening to this track. This latest offering will you leave you feeling refreshed and carefree, ready to take on the day with a renewed energy and grace. Stream Kaskade’s serene new track, “When I’m With You,” below. Enjoy!

Kaskade – When I’m With You