Kaskade Releases Late-Night Remix Of RY X “Only” [Free Download]


Kaskade's latest offering to his fans is a melodic house remake of "Only" by RY X and best of all…it's free. While he admits the original record is perfect as is, the artist inside him couldn't help but provide his own take on it.

"Sometimes a song comes along that I can't shake. I listen to it over and over again, and can't stop myself from wanting to be a part of it." The late-night remix has been made in collaboration with Lipless, a relatively unknown producer who recently signed to Kaskade's label, Arkade. 

The reimagined creation is rather simplistic in structure, yet incredibly vivid in emotions as it's driven by a soothing piano chord progression that is lightly brushed over with acoustic guitar. This melodic collaboration is a must-listen and will fit right into your evening playlist.  

RY X – Only (Kaskade x Lipless Remix) | Free Download