Katy Perry – E.T. (Noisia Remix): FILTHY DUBSTEP BANGER

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Katy Perry is either loved or hated, but you make a super filthy dubstep remix of her song and it's a hit. I haven't featured much Katy Perry other then a BANGER remix of Teenage Dreams, and a rap freestyle over Firework, oh yeah and the Hyper Crush remix to California Gurls. Well here's a fresh new BANGER from Noisia. The 3 piece producer collaboration hails from the Netherlands and they obviously know how to womp, and hard. This song may have a little too much womp for some of you guys, but I think it's pretty sick. It keeps alot of the original song, and it perfectl clashes with the violent bass making for a great sounding remix. Turn up the bass, get ready to get a little overwhelmed with bass, and enjoy!

E.T. (Noisia Remix) – Katy Perry | Download

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