Kawari Delivers Breezy Melodic House Escape, “Indra”


We’re all familiar with the anxieties that can sometimes accompany the start of new week. Regardless of where those anxieties stem from, we want to help you start your week off on the right foot. Our newest addition to the site, up-and-coming Italian producer, Kawari, has just the thing— a carefree new single titled, “Indra.”

The purity of the piano lays a strong grounding energy for the flittering synths that dance like rain in this tranquil melodic house tune. As calmly pulsing bass lines and deep orchestration continue to reinforce the ground on which we stand, a Kora-based counter melody fills out the space beneath the synths in a subtle but very pleasant manner.

There’s nothing like the gentle energy of some melodic house to give your Monday an extra boost, and this track has all the boost you could want. Fans of Lane 8 and Yotto will certainly find a home in Kawari’s library. Stream Kawari’s newest single, “Indra,” below. Enjoy!

Kawari – Indra