Check Out This Huge Spotify Playlist Of Every Track Produced By Kaytranada


It seems everything Kaytranada touches is gold. Of course, there are many of his fans that came to love his music through his remixes and instrumentals that have amassed millions of plays on SoundCloud and other platforms. What some fans may not know, however, is how prolific Kaytranada's productions for other artists as well. From Chance The Rapper to GoldLink to Anderson .Paak and Mary J. Blige, the Canadian DJ/producer has accumulated a huge number of production credits that may surprise you. 

Unless it’s explicitly stated, it can be hard to find the production credits for each and every song you might come across. Luckily for us, an unsung Spotify hero that goes by the username hunterhhhh, has allegedly located every Kaytranada produced song and compiled it into a massive 93-track playlist for all of us to enjoy. If you’re already a fan, this is simply a goldmine. If you aren’t quite familiar yet, this is the perfect way to acquaint yourself with Kaytra. Go grab a pair of headphones and add a little more joy to your Monday. Enjoy!

Kaytranada Production Discography