Kaytranada & Aminé Announce ‘KAYTRAMINÉ by KAYTRAMINÉ’ Collaboration

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Kaytranada and Aminé have just taken to Twitter to announce their new collaboration, KAYTRAMINÉ by KAYTRAMINÉ, along with a teaser video.

Both artists, at the forefront of contemporary dance and hip-hop music, have collaborated on tracks before but never to this extent. The teaser video features Kaytranada and Aminé side-by-side, while Kaytranada plays with a pad controller chopping both their names. There’s no telling what creative ideas these two can come up with together and we’ll be eagerly awaiting what comes next.

KAYTRAMINÉ BY KAYTRAMINÉ, coming soon pic.twitter.com/UOkunwkMit

— Aminé (@heyamine) April 4, 2023