Kaytranada Just Released Four New Tracks


Kaytranada just opened his vaults and unleashed not one, not two, but FOUR new tracks. Anytime we get new music from Kaytranada is a treat, and we’re certainly excited he’s back with new music to hold us over. This time he’s flipped songs including A Tribe Called Quest’s “Midnight,” Sade’s “Kiss Of Life,” and originals simply dated “KAYTRA2018 04 27” and “KAYTRA2018 03 19.”

The loose songs showcase his signature basslines and skittering drums we’ve loved from the TSIS favorite over the years. We’re not sure when the follow-up project to 99.9% might come, but we’ll keep these on repeat for the meantime as we know he’s a perfectionist that isn’t going to rush his next release. Enjoy!

A Tribe Called Quest – Midnight (Kaytra Edit)

Sade – Kiss Of Life (Kaytra Edit)

Kaytranada – KAYTRA2018 04 27

Kaytranada – KAYTRA2018 03 19