KAYTRANADA Gives Update on New Album


KAYTRANADA has given an update on his next album! In a conversation with Zane Lowe for Apple Music, KAYTRANADA spoke about his next studio album for the first time. This currently unnamed project would be his third studio album, following 99.9% in 2016 and BUBBA in 2019.

Regarding the album, KAYTRANADA said that he was feeling like he wanted to remake it. He’s currently feeling inspired by major artists who are dropping dance music-forward albums (a la Drake, Beyonce), and that’s not exactly the direction he was going for. He says he might end up sticking with what he’s got, but he will see where it takes him.

KAYTRANADA would have some big shoes to fill for this next album. With BUBBA, he took home the GRAMMY for Best Dance Album (as well as the GRAMMY for Best New Artist).

You can check out the full quote below.

I started working on this album, and then it’s like, there’s a lot of things that just happened that is not really making me complete the whole album. And it’s like, I feel like I’m influenced by what’s happening lately with everybody’s doing house music, and it’s like, now I kind of want to remake the album, because that was not the direction I was going for. You know what I’m saying? So now, it’s like, “What? Wait, what am I going to do now?” Because I did Twin Flame, and everything was related to that sound, like disco samples. I might stick to it, but we’re going to see where it takes me. But I’m really inspired by what’s been happening musically.