Kaytranada Gets Recruited By Gorillaz For Funky Remix Of “Strobelite”


Don’t freak out, but Kaytranada has just remixed Gorillaz’ song “Strobelite”. Kaytranada has been all over the place this year having collaborations with Chance The Rapper, Nick Murphy, Gold Link and more. And of course, Gorillaz have had a major year dropping their acclaimed album Humanz and putting together their own festival Demon Dayz. Gorillaz and Kaytranada pairing up for an official remix is a TSIS dream come true and the final product is as great as we expected. 

The original version of “Strobelite” was one of the more popular cuts from Humanz and features soulful vocals from Peven Everett. Kaytranada kept the funky vibe for his remix but added a twist with whirling synths and scattered percussion. Kaytranada also puts a bunch of emphasis around the female choral throughout the remix creating a dramatic atmosphere. Remixing Gorillaz is no easy task, but Kaytranada proved himself worthy with his “Strobelite” remix. Enjoy!

Gorillaz – Strobelite (Kaytranada Remix)