Kaytranada Details How He Created His Signature Sound


Kaytranada has been on the cutting edge of music for years. His ear for groove, adaptability to collaboration, and sensitivity to a vibe have made him one of our favorite artists to cover and one of music’s most prolific contributors.

When listening to the wide variety of themes in Kaytra’s library, we often find ourselves wondering, Where does this man come up with this stuff? Indeed the broad spectrum of sound exhibited has to find its roots somewhere, and today the GRAMMY award-winning artist gleaned a little light on some of his earliest inspiration.

This morning Kaytranada took to Twitter to comment on some of the “house shit” he’s been experimenting with. He describes the first time he heard that legendary producer, J-Dilla, concocted the 120+ BPM Busta Rhymes track, “Make It Hurt,” and comments how that one revelation led to him experimenting with the swung beats of house that we hear in some of his tracks today.

Check out the tweets below for detailing of the occurrence and its play on Kaytra’s current work.

i was 14/15 when i was playing Def Jam Fight For NY and i first heard the Dilla produced song for Busta Rhymes “Make It Hurt”, 120-plus BPM. If i never heard that shit, i probably wouldn’t have thinking of add some swing to the house shit that i’ve been experimenting with.

— kaytra-NADA (@KAYTRANADA) June 20, 2022

Thats why a lot of you wanna be smart sayin’ i don’t do house, there’s bunch of subgenres for that shit. If y’all heard mixes from the early House like from Ron Hardy in the late 70’s, y’all would say the same thing, But whatever…

— kaytra-NADA (@KAYTRANADA) June 20, 2022