KAYTRANADA Talks New Mixtape & The Importance Of PRIDE In New Interview


KAYTRANADA just sat down with the awesome folks over at PAPER Magazine for an engaging new interview alongside friend and comedian Jaboukie. Kaytra, although his music knocks hard, has always been known as a generally soft-spoken dude. This interview gives us a rare glimpse into the psyche of one of our all-time favorite artists, and he discusses a handful of topics that really grabbed our attention.

First, KAYTRANADA gives us an update on his beat tape project. This is something he mentioned shortly after dropping¬†BUBBA, that he was working on a companion project. He talks about how he’s been working on music, and that half of his beats will get snatched up by other artists, but he still wants his fans to be able to hear the other half. He also says that he’s been working on this specific tape for the past 3 years.

Further along in the interview, Kaytra is questioned about what Pride means to him. His answer was really insightful, and acknowledges the role the internet has played:

I really didn’t understand what it was until I came out. It’s weird to say that but I now notice how important it is. Before social media we only had this one gay image, and I didn’t see myself in that. It’s so important just to show someone like me can love themselves, and it’s all good. That’s how I feel about it.

To check out the full interview with PAPER Magazine, click here. Enjoy!