KAYZO Drops Heavy Rock Infused Dubstep Banger “Overload” ft. Micah Martin


Fans of KAYZO have enjoyed a slew of impressive releases from the Los Angeles-based producer in recent months. From his genre-blending bass track “Follow You” to his wild dubstep remix of DJ Snake’s “A Different Way”, KAYZO has consistently blown us away. Now he’s teamed up with Micah Martin for a truly insane song "Overlord" to start off your 2018. 

At different points you might not know if you’re listening to a rock anthem, a dubstep banger, or an experimental bass track. KAYZO’s versatility knows no bounds as he warms up the track with some heavy electric guitar riffs and Micah’s piercing vocals, only to drop into a series of intense, grinding beats that’ll be sure to make a live crowd lose their mind. Just as the chorus seems like it’s winding to a close, KAYZO switches it up once again and goes double-tempo with some rapidly oscillating bass hits that pan from ear to ear.

KAYZO will be touring this winter and spring, starting off today on Holy Ship! Grab tickets here and enjoy!

KAYZO – Overlord (Ft. Micah Martin)