Dave Chappelle Interviews Kendrick Lamar On Self Expression, Going To Africa & More


Wow Dave Chappelle just interviewed Kendrick Lamar… While we with it was a video interview we’ll gladly take the text interview they did with Interview Magazine as these are two of our favorite people in the world. 

Chappelle and Kendrick found some common ground in the conversation as Chappelle got some great answers out of Kdot in the rare interview that is just the perfect intersection of two icons. He got some interesting insights out of Kdot. They speak on his self expression "If I hadn't expressed myself in the studio, who's to say he would have been listening to the album? LeBron James or the little boy around the corner, we come from the same struggles, and it comes out of my mouth for them to relate to,” Lamar says. 

They talk about how success has changed things for Kdot “But it's also a challenge for me, to be at this level and still be able to connect with somebody who's living that everyday life. At first it was something I struggled with, because everything was moving so fast. I didn't know how to digest it. The best thing I did was go back to the city of Compton, to touch the people who I grew up with and tell them the stories of the people I met around the world.” 

They also talk about Kendrick’s trip to Africa, confirmed that “Duckworth” is indeed a true story, discussed his inspirations on the road and more. Check out the full interview here. Enjoy!