Hear Kendrick Lamar Over Classic Dr. Dre Beats On New Tape “The DAMN. Chronic”


Kendrick Lamar’s career has been closely tied to Dr. Dre… but we’ve yet to hear Kendrick go in over some classic-style, G Funk Dre beats. For those of you hoping this would happen one day… this might be the closest we’ll come it as some legend named DJ Critical Hype stepped up to the plate putting Kendrick acapellas over classic Dr. Dre beats and it works so well. It's fittingly called The DAMN. Chronic.

The same DJ who put this together actually did a similar tape a couple years back putting Chance The Rapper over classic Kanye beats. The whole thing is amazing as he takes some well-known verses and beats from the two legends but also digs in the crates to find more obscure verses as well as beats. Shout out to Pigeons & Planes for digging this up and doing an interview with DJ Critical Hype you can read here for more info. Enjoy!

The DAMN. Chronic