Kendrick Lamar Says New Music Is Coming In Instagram Live Video


Kendrick Lamar just went live on Instagram and said “I got some more music” before ending the live video…. Since his album DAMN. dropped last week there have been numerous fan theories he has more music on the way. 

The theories all started when Kendrick’s producer Sounwave tweeted a cryptic message saying “what If I told you there was another version” with a image of Morpheus from the Matrix. This sent kdot fans in a whirlwind of second album theories speculating a second album would release on Easter Sunday. Kendrick’s faith is a big part of his life and music so when he died in a skit on DAMN. after dropping on Good Friday, many thought he would return with a new project for his Coachella performance on Easter. When Sunday came and went many fans gave up on a second album. However, some dedicated fans on the Kendrick reddit have kept many theories going that there is another album coming this week and Kendrick saying this makes thing interesting. The theories go very deep so be careful going down that rabbit hole…

While we don’t know if Kendrick is just messing with us or indeed has more music coming, he has our attention. See a rip of the video where he mentions new music at the end – skip to 21:05. Enjoy!