Kendrick Lamar Gives Interview Ranking Own Albums, Reveals He Has Thousands Of Unreleased Tracks & More


Kendrick Lamar joined Big Boy’s Real 92.3 radio show for a new interview as he offers some new insights into what’s been going on with him lately. Whenever Kendrick gives an interview it’s always an interesting conversation and this one is no different. 

When his new album DAMN. dropped there were endless fan theories about the project, with one of the more popular ones being that he was going to drop a second project within the week. He offered a bit of insight without saying too much ““I had a selection of songs,” he said “I don’t wanna call it an album, but it definitely made sense for DAMN..” Whether these tracks will see the light of day or not is a mystery but we did get to hear his throwaways from To Pimp A Butterfly with his untitled. unmastered. project so we’re hoping he blesses us once again. 

Throughout he interview he also discusses the album title revealing he was originally thinking of calling it What Happens On Earth Stays On Earth. He touches on his creative process, buying his sister a car, how he has thousands of unreleased songs, his new album and even ranks his albums in order of his favorites. See the full interview below and enjoy!