Kendrick Lamar Wants To Play Villain In Next Black Panther Movie


Kendrick Lamar just recently made one of, if not the best movie soundtrack we’ve ever heard with the album he and Top Dawg Entertainment’s president curated for the recent Black Panther movie from Marvel. Now he’s saying he wants to make an appearance in the movie if a sequel happens. 

“I really enjoy Killmonger's character, just off the simple fact that he was a villain but he came with some real… He was a villain but he was loved and misunderstood. So if I could, I'd play a Killmonger for sure.” – Kendrick Lamar 

During an interview with BBC, Kendrick told of his hopes to play a villain if a sequel for the movie happens, which would be incredible. He also mentioned they had talked about “things that are going to curate after this film” so we’re really hoping he curates more music soundtracks.