Kenny Beats Unveils Stellar Debut Album ‘LOUIE’


Over the past few years, Kenny Beats has become one of the most sought-after hip hop producers in the industry. Typically paired up with a rapper or singer, there haven’t been many moments where he fully lets his productions take center stage. That changed earlier this week when he delivered his debut solo album, entitled LOUIE, via XL Recordings.

Kenny Beats is in full control throughout this project. While you can hear a small handful of guest appearances from the likes of JPEGMAFIA, slowthai, and Remi Wolf, most of what we’re hearing appears to be sample-based. LOUIE kind of plays out like a beat tape, but it’s the most robust version of one you’ll ever hear. Even though the tracks are short, they’re very well-rounded and forward-thinking.

Do yourself and give Kenny Beats’ debut album a full listen below. You won’t regret it. Enjoy!

Kenny Beats – LOUIE