Kerri Explores Vulnerability and Self Confidence On Lo-Fi Inspired EP ‘Glow’

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Montreal-based rising artist, Kerri, first started producing in his teens, inspired by the sounds of R&B and lo-fi trailblazers. Finding his own sound through the utilization of spacious textures and emotional narratives, the budding artist now has a following of over 100,000 and growing day by day. Kerri’s new EP, Glow, is the culmination of all his hard work, wrapped up in one soulful, groovy package.

Glow sees Kerri’s unique infusion of live guitar licks within a predominantly synth-driven soundscape. His vocals, delicate and heartfelt, pave an emotional path through the course of the EP as they explore heartfelt lyrical themes. Lo-fi and hip-hop inspired drums drive the EP with infectious rhythms that compliment Kerri’s vocal cadence.

Here’s what Kerri had to say about the creation of Glow:

‘Glow’ is the culmination of my journey, blending personal vulnerabilities and the lessons I’ve learned from some bittersweet experiences. Exploring the need for validation and the weight of creative pursuit, I learned the importance of self-confidence and reliance while reflecting on failed relationships, current friendships, and society’s need for comparison before coming to a resolution and finally acceptance.

You can stream Glow at the link below, out everywhere via Nettwerk Records. Enjoy!

Kerri – Glow