Kevin Parker Talks New Tame Impala Album, Travis Scott, & More In New Zane Lowe Interview

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There’s been a lot of talk surrounding Tame Impala‘s upcoming album, The Slow Rush, and the hype is real. Having just gone live, Kevin Parker sat down with the legendary Zane Lowe for an exclusive interview on Apple Music about the album, his creative process, and more. There’s no doubt that this is his most anticipated album yet, and it’s with good reason. For one, Kevin embraced profound yet deeply relatable themes, “time” being a big one. Over the years he’s been able to push his creative skills to the max and sonically, we’re ready to expect his best work yet.

“Rhythms for me, almost more important than the actual melodic chords and stuff themselves. Outside of drums and percussion and stuff, the rhythm of the vocals, the rhythm of the baseline. All the rhythms going together is, to me… To me that’s like the cornerstone of Tame Impala music and has always been without me realizing it. This album, I just really wanted to explore that more and push it further.”

There are already five singles out, all of which are incredible pieces of art and have set the tone for the rest of the album. Kevin has managed to inject a sense of realism into highly infectious grooves and sonic landscapes, creating for a combo that absolutely bangs commercially and stirs emotionally. It’s curious to see how a brilliant mind can keep things so fresh over and over, and we’re happy he let us in on his secret. Turns out, you just have to stay uncomfortable.
“I’ll do anything that gets me inspired, anything that kind of gives me, that puts me in… Causes those lightning bolts. Even with this album, I was doing things that made me uncomfortable just for the purpose of being creative because I’m the most creative when I’m uncomfortable… I hate being stoned in public, so I’ll like get stoned and go to the shops. I wrote a couple of… The start of one of the songs was from that.”
It’s always incredible to see when an artist stays laser focused and never allow themselves to stagnant despite previously acquired success and fame. Over the years Kevin Parker has collaborated with numerous high profile artists in order to keep pushing his boundaries, one of whom was Travis Scott. Zane asked what it was like to work with him to which he replied,
It was awesome. He’s so enthused by ideas. If he has an idea or if someone has an idea, he’s into it, he’d just go for it. He doesn’t waste time kind of doubting himself or doubting things. Which is extremely valuable, because you need that burst of conviction. Conviction is the word. I tried to take on some of that conviction when I’m working, because doubt and all that kind of stuff is poisonous in creativity.”
We cannot wait for this Friday to roll around when The Slow Rush can be playing on repeat around the world. Until then, we can enjoy this interview with Kevin and Zane and soak in what it was like to be apart of the creative process behind Tame Impala’s fourth studio album.
You can check out the full interview below. Enjoy!