Khruangbin Drops First ‘INTERNATIONAL VERSIONS’ Mix, Displaying Groovy Covers From Around The Globe

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Khruangbin are masters of the groove. The Texas trio just took to SoundCloud to drop a mix that will transport you all around the world. As we’re always looking to discover new music, we immediately got excited to see that we virtually knew none of these bands on the tracklist. In fact, there’s some where we didn’t even recognize the language.

As soon as we dove into INTERNATIONAL VERSIONS Vol 1, we were in it for the long haul. There’s nothing like hearing a new style of music that you’ve never heard before and instantly vibing with it. That’s exactly what’s happening here. These selections are international covers of oldies, hit classics, and other iconic tunes that we couldn’t even imagine digging up on our own.

Check out this beautifully eclectic mix below and enjoy!