Khruangbin Share New Remix For Beck’s “No Distraction”

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Even though the Houston, Texas trio just dropped a stunning new album, Mordechai, just a couple weeks ago, Khruangbin are still delivering new music today. This newest release comes in celebration of Beck‘s 50th birthday—a remix of his track “No Distraction.”

“No Distraction” originally came off Beck’s album Colors (a project he ended up winning a Grammy for), and was an undeniable alternative jam. Khruangbin, who can seemingly do no wrong, have transformed it into a soothing, summertime evening groove. They slow the tempo way down on this one and add their breezy sound, complete with the signature background croons.

Check out the new remix from Khruangbin below and enjoy!

Beck – No Distraction (Khruangbin Remix)