Kick Us Out (Produced by The Cataracs) – Hyper Crush: TOO SICK NEW PARTY BANGER!


Hyper Crush have teamed up with the Cataracs, the producers of 'Like A G6' and other part favorites like Bass Down Low, Top of the World, and I Get Doe, for a siiick new party BANGER! This song has a real sick beat with some poppy vocals. Sometimes I don't like much of  Hyper Crush's original material and tend to like more of their remixes, like DJ Got Us Falling In Love (Hyper Crush Remix), or their BANGER remix of Drake's Over. Well this song is sick and combines both of these hot party oriented groups. Turn up the speakers and enjoy!

Kick Us Out (Produced by The Cataracs) – Hyper Crush | Download

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