Kid Cudi is Actually Hiring a Professional Blunt Roller in LA


Are you sick of your current job, in the Los Angeles area, and have a knack for rolling fat blunts? Well, pay attention, because Kid Cudi is looking for someone to be his personal blunt roller. What appears at first to be a bit of a joke might actually be a serious opportunity here. Cudi tweeted on Sunday that he’s looking for a “professional blunt roller” and to send resumes to his long-time manager, Dennis Cummings. He then added: “Serious inquiries only!!

I need a professional blunt roller in LA. Hit @Shift_leader06 w resume. Serious inquires only!! 🥰✌🏾❤️

— The Chosen One (@KidCudi) August 15, 2021

Kid Cudi must be smoking so much weed that rolling up is taking a serious amount of time out of his days. While this might on the surface seem like a funny, trivial role, being close proximity to Kid Cudi and his team would count for amazing networking.

If you’re confident in your blunt rolling abilities, tweet that resume to Cudi’s manager, @Shift_leader06 on Twitter.