Kid Cudi Says He’s “Nearing The End of All Things Kid Cudi”

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Kid Cudi, real name Scott Mescudi, mentioned in a new interview that he felt like he was approaching the end of the Kid Cudi project. Mescudi was the most recent guest to appear on one of the most insightful yet hilarious interview series, Hot Ones. If you’re unfamiliar, the show is hosted by First We Feast‘s Sean Evans, who interviews musicians, actors, athletes, and celebrities while they eat progressively hotter chicken wings.

“I just don’t know if I want to do music, drop albums too much longer,” Mescudi said in a response to a question regarding the future of his career. “I’m kinda nearing the end of all things Kid Cudi, I think.”

Although somewhat shocking to hear from an artist who has had such a significant influence on the music industry, it’s not entirely surprising. Mescudi has mentioned in previous interviews that he didn’t really want to be performing when he was in his 40s. The most recent Kid Cudi studio album, Entergalactic, was his 10th. He also has been taking on more and more acting roles.

“I’m really curious to see what else I can do,” he continued.

You can check out the full Hot Ones interview with Kid Cudi below. His quote regarding the future of the Kid Cudi project comes at around the 11:45 mark. Enjoy!