Watch Kid Cudi Take Tequila Shots with Fans Who Showed Up Early to His Show


It’s not a bad time to be a Kid Cudi fan right now. He’s just hit the road for his To The Moon Tour (his first tour since 2017) and is getting to perform songs from Man on the Moon III for the first time. He also has another project right around the corner, Entergalactic, which is both an album and a Netflix series. He also is casually hanging out with his fans at his shows.

We’ve been seeing some amazing videos from Kid Cudi’s current tour, but our favorite is this one, which shows him drinking with a group of fans who showed up early to his stop in San Diego. According to the person who captured the moment on video, Cudi “came out with a [tequila] bottle and started handing out cups.” This was before Strick, the first opener, was set to take the stage.

After pouring what appears to be dozens of fans some liquor, he raises his cup as a toast, yelling, “The Moon Tour!!” The camera pans around to show everyone beaming after the wholesome interaction.

You can check out the video below.

I JUST TOOK A SHOT W/ @KiDCuDi ♥️♥️♥️!!!! 🥃 #cudfam

— eduardo (@kidss33gh0sts) August 24, 2022