[PREMIERE] Newcomer Kid Froopy Impresses On Chilled Out Single “Dreams” Via Zeds Dead’s Label


Today we’re excited to be introducing an exciting new face to TSIS with Kid Froopy. The talented newcomer impressed us on his debut single and is back with an amazing genre-blending new track “Dreams” out via Zeds Dead’s Deadbeats label. 

"this song's that foggy hungover feeling after a long night out. push/pull between fuck it and regret. orange juice w the grey stuff you cough up. fleetwood mac meets mike will made it on two shots of nyquil watching scuba diving videos. s/o stevie nicks" – Kid Froopy 

"Kid Froopy is this crazy, genre bending singer, songwriter and producer that blew us away," says Zeds Dead as they share their admiration for Froopy. "He makes everything himself all from some tiny apartment in the middle of Iowa. It's like internet pop with Metro Boomin drums and some melodies you would have heard on the Dazed And Confused soundtrack. We're really excited to start rolling out his music!" 

This new release is a smooth, relaxing track that’s true to its name capturing a dreamy, funky vibe throughout. The airy vocals combine with glitchy and atmospheric sound design placing infectious vocal chops with bright melodies and slick instrumentation. The percussion switches up throughout as he includes hip-hop drums at points with house tempo at other parts. This genre-blending track has us excited to hear more from Froopy and Deadbeats. Enjoy!

Kid Froopy – Dreams