French Producer Kidswaste Drops Extra Chill Yet Uplifting Track “Beautiful Life” Ft. Sophie Simmons


French producer Kidswaste is one of those artists who has impressed us from the start. We first discovered the young producer back in 2015 with his collaboration with Manila Killa, and he hasn’t let us down since. Today, Kidswaste drops off another gorgeous track titled “Beautiful Life” featuring Los Angeles-based singer Sophie Simmons, via Counter Records.

“Beautiful Life” is the result of Kidswaste returning home to France after a wild debut tour in the United States. “After being around so many new people and experiences, to be completely alone put him in a mental space that he had never experienced before.” By crafting this uplifting track with Sophie, he was able to “embrace a more positive mindset” towards life.

Kidswaste’s style is the definition of chill. His sound would fit well within labels such as Foreign Family (we wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up picking him up). If you’re looking for a track to soothe your mind and lift your mood, “Beautiful Life” is a great place to start. Enjoy!

Kidswaste – Beautiful Life (feat. Sophie Simmons)