Kill Paris – I Wanna Be Your Lover + You Are On Of A Kind + I Do Love You : 3 Funky Electro / Dubstep Songs


Say hello to a fresh to new electronic producer / DJ who blends multiple genres to carve his own sound. His live show has been described as "something never seen or experienced before". His sound is very unique with elements of dubstep, electro, and funk. He uses the perfect samples to bring out the soulful emotion of the track then always making the bass come crashing in. He's another aritst that beleives in giving out free music, regularly. We've got 3 of our favorite Kill Paris tracks below to break you in. Turn up the bass, enjoy!

Kill Paris – I Wanna Be Your Lover | Direct Download

Kill Paris – Girl, You Are One Of a Kind | Direct Download

Kill Paris – I Do Love You | Direct Download

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