Kill The Noise & Feed Me Debut Fittingly Outrageous Video For “I Do Coke”

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Kill the Noise & Feed Me recently collaborated on the agressively titled single "I Do Coke." Well they lived up to the title and have delivered an equally shocking video full of the main actor doing just what you guessed, lots of drugs. This is taken from Kill the Noise's recent TSIS premiered album Occult Classic which you should check out if you haven't yet.

We reached out to Kill the Noise to get an inside look on his thoughts of the video:

"This video was really fun to work on. I was more involved with Brandon (director) creatively and in the process than ever before. As for content, I just hope people come away with a discussion. It doesnt glorify drug use, but it's also not a PSA. It's a story that explores the cyclical path of addiction."

He states it's not to glorify drug use, but also not a PSA. It defintely brings the drug to the foreground. It goes from a typical night out to an exaggerted experience featuring twerking cheerleaders amongst many other things you will have watch to understand. Watch below. Enjoy!

Kill The Noise & Feed Me – I Do Coke [Official Music Video] |