Killer Mike Gets Personal On New Single “TALK’N THAT SHIT!”


Known for his impressive solo career as well as being one half of the magnetic duo, Run The JewelsKiller Mike always brings an unmatched energy to every track he graces. Since the last RTJ album debuted in 2021, he took it upon himself to give fans the first (solo) Killer Mike single since “Reagan” was released in 2012, entering a new era with “TALK’N THAT SHIT!

Trap hats and a heavy kick establish the groove, as Killer Mike flexes his rap prowess with his classically energetic performance. Mike makes his thoughts clear on everything from self-doubt and discrimination, to politics. Breaking it down at around the one minute, thirty second mark, Mike gets more personal with his lyrics, accompanying the music with powerful and symbolic imagery in the official music video.

Here’s what Mike had to say about the track:

The song is self explanatory. With the video I wanted show the freedom and beauty in being able to turn up in spite of all the fuck-shit. That upsets the bourgeoisie even more- in spite of all your criticisms we’re gonna live free and stay lit.

You can stream “TALK’N THAT SHIT!” at the link below. Enjoy!

Killer Mike – TALK’N THAT SHIT!