Newcomer Kleptoe Shines on Interstellar, Synth Heavy Track “Childish”


Making his debut on TSIS today is new California-based producer Kleptoe.┬áDespite coming in at a tight two minutes, his new track “Childish” manages to pack quite a sonic punch.

Full of glitches and cascading keys, Kleptoe really pushes the boundaries of what’s possible on his synth work. He alternates between airy piano and heavy distortion. He creates complex, rich melodies from these conflicting sounds, and somehow, the instrumentation of the track is never at odds with itself. The result feels like a cool, shining jewel of sound.

Kleptoe gave us some insight into the track’s creation:

Childish was inspired by growing up. A lot of feelings come with the realization that you are growing old. From nostalgic and sad, too happy and hopeful. I wanted to capture all of those in this release, and hope to instill those feelings in the listener, while giving them a dope song to vibe to.

You can check out “Childish” below. Enjoy!

Kleptoe – Childish