Listen To KLOUD’s Exceedingly Heavy, Otherworldly Debut Album ‘AUTONOMY’

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Over the past two years, KLOUD has continued to keep us on the edge of our seat. Having burst onto the scene toting an enigmatic presence that both creeps us out and intrigues us to no end, the mechanical wonder has upped-the-ante for the spooky season by dropping his debut album AUTONOMY.

With KLOUD’s PRIMAL & SYNTHESIZE EPs still buzzing around the airwaves, this latest offering is a big and fully welcomed next step for the skyrocketing producer. Weighing in at 10-tracks, AUTONOMY takes the best of KLOUD’s gritty, otherworldly production style and pushes it to its limits, transcending the bounds of both genre lines and sound design barriers.

If you’ve been looking for some dark, forward-thinking bass-music, this ones for you. Stream AUTONOMY, out via our friends at Lowly below and enjoy!