KLOUD Unleashes Dark, Industrial New Three-Track ‘PRIMAL’ EP

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We’ve become fast fans of the mysterious masked producer known only as KLOUD. Taking over 2019 with other-worldly tracks like “Humans” and “The Hive” they seem to have mastered the art of dark, heavy bass. Today, KLOUD takes another step down the path of liberation from the simulation with the release of the devastating new EP, PRIMAL.

This three track project features the deep, dark, industrial brand of music that is so unique to the enigmatic producer across three independently unique songs. The animalistic mid-tempo title track, “PRIMAL” starts the group of with savage bang. KLOUD keeps the gas pedal to the floor for the visceral second cut “QUESTION”, lead by a pounding bass drum and whirling, automated synths. The relentless renegade then finishes the EP with the emotive yet epic “ANXIETY”, featuring a steady 120 BPM heartbeat and phenomenal bongo line filling out the supporting percussion. 

Who is KLOUD?? Will we ever find out the identity of the masked liberator? One thing is for sure, they sure know how to unleash impressively powerful music. Get those speakers cranked to eleven, PRIMAL is here to please. Enjoy!