Enigmatic Producer KLOUD Returns With Dark, Heavy New Single + Video “The HIVE”


KLOUD has been making some serious waves as of late with their unique, heavy bass sound. Having churned out a slew of incredible remixes over the past year, culminating in their debut original “Exit Alive”, today the enigmatic producer has delivered yet another wild new single “The HIVE”.

As part-three in the ever evolving KLOUD chronicles (following “Cold Fire” & “Exit Alive”), this latest offering from the mysterious mechanical marauder comes to us as the second ever single released into our three-dimensional reality. As KLOUD exists solely as an AI inside a simulation run by “The KLOUD”, with this new release, complete with a dark, ominous official video, the separation between us and “The KLOUD” seems to have become much thinner.

Packed with a wealth of eerie, automated buzzing, crunchy, pulsing syths, sharp, abrasive screeches and booming bass, we’re expecting this to find it’s way into the arsenals of bass-bringers everywhere. Check out “The HIVE” below and enjoy!